Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving on Healy

Many people have asked what we would be doing for Thanksgiving.  Well, having a sumptuous feast of course!   The cooks on Healy outdid themselves, preparing a fantastic meal for us all to enjoy.  After an afternoon of quiet, football, and catching up on things we enjoyed a wonderful meal and are now on our way to our next sampling location.  Many thanks to all who worked to put on this holiday meal!

Steve, Chantelle, and Chad at dinner. My meal is at the front right.

Crew enjoying the Thanksgiving meal. 

Captain Bev Havlik shows off the dinner..

Dressed up to do the dishes.

Phil tucks into his dinner, including both ham AND turkey.  What a feast!

Apple and pumpkin pie in the “pie safe”.

Sam and Krista after a satisfying meal. 

SNFS Zack Young holds up one of the eight turkeys that he cooked for dinner.
Thanksgiving sky over sea ice.  Soon we will be in open water.


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