Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost home

We sailed into Dutch Harbor this afternoon, dropping anchor in Summer Bay at about 1600.  We can see the lights of the town and the docks in the distance.  The Aleutians surround us, with constantly changing curtains of light and cloud.  The cruise is almost over, tomorrow we will dock in Dutch.

Light over the Aleutians on our way to Dutch.
Going over information prior to anchoring at Dutch.
In the meantime, we are busy finishing our packing and cleaning our rooms and lab and living spaces.  And…one of the most important activities of the cruise….we cooked dinner tonight for the entire crew of the ship.  It is a tradition that science will cook on one of the Saturday nights of the cruise, on Morale Night when a group on the ship cooks and gives the galley crew a break.  Since we are docking on Saturday, we cooked on Friday night instead.  

Dave the Cookie Chef at Work
Phil rolls out dough for yeast rolls

The effort began on Thursday night with the construction of the vegetarian chili and the baking of Dave’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.  On Friday morning the “sponge” for the rolls was started.  And on Friday afternoon we moved in to cook the rest.  Lemon squares, cole slaw from scratch, roast pork loin, baked salmon, spinach with butter and garlic, baked brussel sprouts, and brown rice. After it was all cooked, science served up dinner, standing behind the counter and receiving the plates to serve.  Hats were worn, as required in the galley.  Dishes and pots were scrubbed, and the mess deck floor was washed after the meal was over.  A grand time was had by all!

Donna was part of the team that made the chili
Scientists lined up to serve dinner to the crew.
Our first customer for dinner.
The crew is making a movie for fun. These two crew members are playing the “leads”.

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